Twinkling Lights

I’m sitting in our living room this evening looking at the windows facing  the mountain and I see the reflection of the twinkling lights on our Christmas Tree. This tree was decorated this year by three extraordinary women, who, in spite of health concerns of their own, insisted on spending their evening putting up fifty twinkling lights, one hundred balls and over twenty individual decorations on a seven and one-half foot Frazer fir tree just so that our family could enjoy our family tradition this Christmas.

What I really see in the window reflection is so much love that these special women have bestowed on me and my family.  With each twinkling light, I feel such love and caring that only God could bring to me through the love and caring of these ladies. It has taught me to overcome any doubts that God is always watching over me and my family despite some adversities or maybe because of some adversities that we have recently experienced.
This is truly a God-Sighting.

God was in control.

I have seen God so many times in the past two weeks while my husband has been in the hospital.  Of course there was God in the operating room, recovery and in every nurse that attended to our needs.  God sent us a nurse that shared his story and love for the Lord.  The most evident sighting was coming around the corner and seeing my very good friend from home.  She was passing through on the way back to Lynchburg and stopped to give me hope.  She even delivered hugs and kisses to our girls.  That isn’t even the half of it.  All the friends and family that watched after our girls and prayed without stopping reminded me that God was in control.  God Bless you all, he blesses me every second of every day.

We’re all family

Recently my husband and I spent part of an afternoon in the oncology center. I read for a bit while he was receiving his IV’s, then took a break from my magazine to look around the room. I watched people as they came through the waiting area to receive treatment, and I witnessed their initial and ending interactions with the nurses there. What started as a momentary distraction for me turned into a fascinating witness of courage, kindness, and hope abounding in the people there. All of us were different, but we all shared the commonality of life with cancer. Then I thought about our upcoming Rainbow of Hope, and how it too, brings many in our community together in wonderful ways. Everybody knows why they support it, and understands why others come too. I love the fact that there are no “visitors” in our church for this event. We’re all family.

The Magic Number

Last week I delivered the Christmas stockings sewn by the Flamingos (our Ladies group at MVUMC) to the local State Farm Insurance agent, who along with other local agents will be “stuffing” them to send to our troops overseas for this Christmas.  The agent had amassed 55 stockings thus far, and asked me how many I had to donate. When I told her I was giving her 80 stockings, her mouth dropped and her eyes grew large. She asked again, and again I replied 80. She was very happy with the number, but what really astounded her was the fact that a “unit” (maybe not accurate military term) comprised of 135 soldiers, 55 + 80 = 135, the exact number needed. Of course, she’s still collecting until shipping them in October and will combine with the other area agents, but we both thought this was a terrific God Sighting.

Radio Guide

How loud does God have to speak in order for us to really hear Him? All I can say is that I think He is screaming at me! This is no joke:  last night I was listening to my radio while driving along to a friends house. I was listening to my favorite oldies/pop/rock station. Anyhow, during a particular song that I was humming along with, all of a sudden the song stopped and it was dead air. Then, a radio minister was preaching a message that said, “When we take our eyes off of the Lord, our minds begin to suffer.  Our thoughts will be troubled and confused.  We’ll begin to think things about our friends and family that aren’t true, paranoid thoughts, craziness!”
So after that I just kind of scratched my head and thought, well isn’t that strange? Strange indeed! The next day I turned on my radio to find that the station was set to not where I set it but none other than 90.3- THE LIGHT!