Lord Guide Me

Hi, I am a visitor here at MVUMC.  I wanted to share my view on God sightings. To me, my whole life is a God sighting, and the sight part is knowing that he is indeed watching me (at all times!).  Remember what we do in secret is never hidden from Him, even our thoughts.  In addition, I believe He shows us what He wants us to see.  Yesterday I prayed that the Lord would guide me to a better employment position.  The right situation, the right time. I bumped into a woman that my son knows from the YMCA. She gave me all of the info I needed to promote myself.  I don’t know what the future holds but I do know that I am being led by an unseen hand and its up to me to make the right moves. Coincidence? NO WAY!

Google Surprise

Have you ever googled “God sightings”?  I just did, and then actually had a God sighting. First I learned that there are approximately 373,000 results when you type in those two words.  But here’s what else I found out…..we were on the first page!  Mountain View UMC was the 6th result listed.  I think that’s pretty awesome for us to have that kind of recognition on the web.  This top billing says to me that my church believes recognizing God’s hand in our lives and sharing that we see Him all around us are important things to do.  I’m glad this is important to my church


During Communion last week, I was praying hard for the safe return of the Scouts from their campout.  They were due in shortly after service.  I stood up, turned around and there was my Scout sitting in the pew waving at me.  He had just arrived and wanted to pop in and see me before he went back out to start unloading.  Can’t get any clearer than that!


One Sunday the pastor of my former church asked us to think about how we’d feel if he told us Jesus would be there for worship next week.  I gave his question some thought and wondered what impact that knowledge would have on my behavior.  Would I feel happy about His anticipated visit, and enthusiastically share the news with others?  Would I want to bring people experiencing illness and hardship to church to meet Him and hear what He had to say? Would I even be able to sleep on Saturday night just knowing that Jesus would be in my church the next morning?  I enjoyed the images that came to mind when I pondered this question, and would often use it before going to church as a mental exercise to get ready for worship.  But lately while attending Mountain View, the idea that I’ll see Jesus and connect to Him when I come to church is becoming less of an exercise and more of a reality for me.  When I come to worship, I know I’ll see Him at work in this church and in the lives of the people around me.  I look forward to experiencing that each week, and although anticipation doesn’t keep me from sleeping Saturday night, it does make me feel secure to know I’ll be seeing Him at Mountain View in the morning.

Someone to Help

On my way to have lunch with friends, I had taken the shortest route to 29 sought which is Lynbrook Rd.  It is also mostly curves, hills and hillside embankments.  Very shortly after getting on this road, I stopped to check out a weird noise which turned out to be a flat tire.  After pulling over as far as I dared, I asked myself, “What do I do now?”  (My cell phone was at home on charge.)  Well, I prayed, “God, please send someone to help me.”  The first to stop were two very “questionable” looking fellows.  After telling them my problem they said we’ll go back and get Mr. B.  They returned in about 10 minutes and said Mr. B would be right on just as soon as he could wash his hands.  I gladly gave them one of my two bills, thanked them and they left.  Mr. B never showed.  After what seemed an eternity an elderly couple stopped and asked if they could help.  The gentleman got out, checked the tire and said I had enough air to get to his house “up there on the left.”  He pulled in behind me, got his air tank and about 10 minutes later said, “o.k., you’re ready to roll”.  He gave me directions to the nearest auto shop on 29.  I graciously thanked them both.  The little white haired lady looked at me, smiled and said, “This morning as I said my morning prayers, I asked God to show me somebody I could help today.  And he did!”  It was then my turn to smile and say, “Yes ma’am, He answered your prayer and mine.”  A coincidence?  Don’t think so!