Car Load of Hope

I love to go to the dump.  I know that sounds strange, but I enjoy my weekly trips there.  In fact, frequently when I drop off my trash, I pick something up there. On rare occasion I spot a treasure someone else is discarding that I can re-purpose.  But on most of my dump trips, what I pick up is hope.  I learned one day that a lady who works there is a multiple cancer survivor, and I’ve heard snippets of her struggles and successes.  She asks about my family, and waits to hear the answer.  She says good-bye with a reminder to pray because it’s worked for her.  I may throw away my trash there, but I pick up a car load of hope on every trip. I love to go to the dump.

Keeping us Safe

We were driving home one night when a car ran a red light and hit us broadside.  The impact blew a six inch hole in our tire and tossed us in the oncoming lane, but no one was hurt in either car.  The car that struck us was totaled.  The only damage we sustained was to a rear tire and its wheel.  We weren’t even shaken up.  We welcomed God’s presence with us while we were waiting there for help to arrive, and felt calm and protected through the whole thing.  Our roadside assistance couldn’t believe that all we’d need was a spare tire to get home, but it was that simple.  The repair shop was amazed with our limited damage, and said that her hitting our axle (the strongest part of the car) straight on was a “miracle”.  I agreed, but added that it was a God-sighting too.  Our church bulletin reminds us to look for God, because He’s all around us.  And it really is true.  He surrounded us that evening, and kept us company through everything.


I tell the choir all the time how thankful I am for each of them…that they are so faithful and I am so blessed to be able to work with them. However, that statement I’ve made many times became even more meaningful to me because of what I experienced last week.  I got home from working at church for eight hours, prepared dinner, and lay down to rest before heading back to church at 5:30 as I usually do. As I was lying there, I wanted to go to sleep so badly. I confess that I thought about pretending to be too “sick” to show up. I was so tired and worn out, probably from work and also from dieting 500-calorie days for two weeks. The Spirit convicted me immediately and I sat up and realized….the choir members probably feel this way every single week. They work 8-10 hour days, but, yet, they still come to choir practice, even sometimes when they feel like skipping out because “they deserve the break.” So, now when I tell the choir how much I appreciate them, I mean it even more than before. We are all so blessed to have such a committed bunch of folks, who not only are great singers, but are great people! I love you, choir!!!!!

Kindness of a Stranger

I saw God today in the kindness of a stranger.  My firstborn is a college freshman.  He’s been at school 3 weeks and is adjusting very well.  He called yesterday with his first crisis.  He was having a situation that required him to see a dentist urgently.  He wasn’t in pain, but time was critical to take care of the problem.  Not generally a big deal, but it was Labor Day and no one was open.  We both tried all day to find someone who would see him, but with no luck.  He resolved to wait until the morning, and then try again to find a dentist who could see him.  Of course, being his mom,  I slept poorly and was anxious about the outcome of his dental issue.   When he called to update me today, he had a great story.  He was woken up at 7:45 with a call from a dental office who could see him.  After a frustrating encounter with a taxi driver who couldn’t seem to find the college or the dentist’s office (even with a GPS).  My son saw the dentist, got the problem resolved in minutes and was ready to head back to campus.  The receptionist, Lisa, had heard about my son’s cab ride and insisted on personally giving him a ride back school.  Turns out, she has a daughter at the same school and another child going to school at Liberty, here in Lynchburg.  On the dental office’s website each employee has a short bio.  Lisa’s says in part “…Lisa’s greatest joy comes from serving the LORD.”

Our prayer team has been praying for all our young people who graduated from high school this spring.   Our Moms in Touch prayer group has been praying for my son for six years.  My son may be far from home, but God is looking out for him and for me too.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”
Philippians  4:5-7


An urgent request was made for additional help with the High School level Sunday School.  We had hoped to get at least one more helper with this level although there were other needs as well.  At the end of the service FIVE different volunteers came forward to help.  Once again, God had led our congregation to wrap our Youth in His love by bringing those five people to help and ensure that our Youth will have the opportunity to learn of His love during one of the times when they will need it most – High School.