Kroger Gift Cards

Why not let a percentage of your grocery, pharmacy and gas purchases go directly to Mountain View?

– It would cost you nothing!
– All you have to do is buy a $5 Kroger gift card from Mountain View. The card is redeemable for $5 in merchandise.
– Use the card to buy your groceries, pharmacy items or gas at any Kroger store. The percentage applies to all items purchased at Kroger, not just Kroger brands.
– To add value to your card at any time, simply ask the cashier to “reload” your card up to $500, which can be used indefinitely. You can “reload your card using a credit or debit card, cash or check.
– Your Kroger Gift Card does not interfere with your Kroger PLUS card discount.
– 5% of your total purchases goes directly to the Building Fund at Mountain View!!

It’s as simple as that and imagine what would happen if say 50 – 100 members of our congregation shopped this way…it could mean up to an estimated $15,000 – $30,000 going into the Building Fund annually. What a great way to supplement your giving to the church without costing you anything!

If  you have questions or if you want to participate, contact Jan Brown

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