Special Offerings

One Great Hour of Sharing
This offering provides major support of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), which provides immediate assistance in the wake of disasters and helps support ongoing ministries of food, shelter, health and peace.  One Great Hour of Sharing giving allows 100 percent of designated gifts to be used for the specified disaster response or other ministry.  Generous giving allowed UMCOR to begin supporting recovery efforts soon after each of a series of devastating tornadoes and hurricanes, wildfires and flooding hit various parts of the United States in the spring and summer of 2011.

World Communion Sunday
This offering supports World Communion Scholarships, the Ethnic Scholarship Program and the Ethnic In-Service Training Program.  Mary Grace Galapon, deaconess in the Philippines, wants to develop a program to protect young people at increased risk of human trafficking.  Her World Communion Scholarship allows her to continue her research.

United Methodist Student Day
This offering provides loan and scholarship funds for United Methodist college, university and graduate students.  Chelsea Overstreet may be a future seminarian, but she is actively involved as a ministry leader at Millsaps College in Jackson, Miss., where she also tutors Sudanese refugees twice a week.  Her goal: attend seminary, be ordained and return to serve churches in the conference that has nurtured her.

United Methodist Family Services
This offering helps to provide a network of human services to enable children and families to realize their hopes for the future. UMFS has learned what it takes to bring a troubled teen back from the brink, to fill a void for a caring family and a child without a home and to provide true comfort for those facing the complications of advancing age. From intensive treatment to adoption, we provide a network of services across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Holy Communion Offering
This special offering is taken up on the first Sunday of every month to go into the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund to help those with a need in our community.

Various other offerings throughout the year as the need arises.

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