Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School is now a part of the Small Groups Ministry, as times may vary depending on the study being done and when participants are available. We want to make studying God’s word available to all, in as many ways possible as we can.

Please look at Small Groups section for more opportunities…

HOPE Sunday, 9am-9:45 Sept 17th- Oct 22nd
Helping Others Prepare for Emergencies
In the event of a natural disaster, other than emergency services, where do people turn for help? The church is usually one of the first places, but if we don’t have the knowledge, skills and equipment to help ourselves and our families in these events how can we provide that service to our community? This 8 week program will help provide the basis for that knowledge and skills to help the Mountain View Family not only take care of each other but also hopefully provide a core team of members to get a shelter operation here at the church off the ground. The study will concentrate on preparing for short term events (effects lasting a week or less before getting back to normal). We will look at supplies to have on hand, simple changes we can make to our daily habits and skills necessary to make things “easier” in these events. We will also discuss what it will take to get a church shelter off the ground. In our devotionals we will see what the Bible has to say about being prepared and why it applies to today’s Christians more than ever and yes, Noah was the first “prepper”.

Powersource Sunday 9am-9:45am starting September 17th
“Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline” by Dr. Becky Bailey is a 6-week study that will explore skills to teach children how to behave and manage their strong feelings. “It will take your self-discipline and child-rearing skills to new levels. You will learn how to move beyond policing your children with rules and consequences and discover how to create a home in which healthy relationships flourish and children voluntarily choose to cooperate.”
Location: Double Classroom
Facilitator: Margaret Flynt   

Sojourners Sunday 9am-9:45am
This is a lecture style bible study and right now we are studying Matthew 24…The most prophetic book in the Bible. Why? Because it is Jesus’ own words on it.
Facilitator: Penny Waldmann

Serendipity Sunday 9am-9:45am
Want to attend a study, but schedule doesn’t allow you to commit to consecutive Sundays? Want to “explore” the sermon text before the sermon? If the answer to either is “yes”, then Serendipity is for you. We meet every Sunday morning in the conference room, using the study from the Serendipity Study Bible that contains that morning’s sermon text. Every session is stand-alone/self-contained. NO PREWORK, NO HOMEWORK. Just show up with your favorite Bible or pull one from the shelves. Stretch your mind to determine what the sermon text really means, then attend worship and see if Pastor got it right!
Facilitator: Todd Brown 

New Member: NEW MEMBER – The principles and philosophy of Methodism and the structure of the United Methodist Church are discussed and this class is led by the Pastor.

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