Mountain View is proud to support scouting ministries for both boys and girls.   The church makes its facilities available to local scout troops for meetings and other functions. We encourage all youth who may be interested to join the scouts. Mountain View is home to Cub Scout Pack 180 and Boy Scout Troop 180.

Boy Scout Troop 180
is one of the larger troops in our area. We have approximately 40-45 boys in our troop ranging anywhere from 11 to 17.  We are a youth run troop, so our 20 or so adults serve as advisers and mentors, but do not actively lead and plan the troop meetings, unless they are teaching a merit badge or a specific skill.  The troop has a meeting every Tuesday night where we work on skills that are useful for future experiences. In scouting, there are 6 ranks, these ranks show how much a youth is devoted to his advancement, the first three are easier and work on basic skills, the second three are more free and encourage the youth to advance on his own.  The troop normally works on the first three ranks with the youth, but after he reaches First Class, he must start actively pursuing the next three ranks on his own time.  The highest rank in Boy Scouts is that of Eagle Scout. We on average produce 2-3 Eagle Scouts a year.  These scouts have shown exceptional skills in leadership and other scouting skills like camping, fire-building, first aid, and cooking.  If you are interested more about our troop, you can go to and see more about our troop. 


Cub Scout Pack 180 is specifically designed for kids grades 1st through 5th to participate in scouting without the pressure and requirements of Boy Scouting.  A kid can join any time throughout his elementary years without having to worry about catching up in rank with his friends as Cub Scouts advance according to their grade.  Cub scouts have a unique advantage over most other boys because they can join Boy Scouts directly once they graduate cub scouts, unlike their non-scouting friends who must either be 11 or have completed the 5th Grade. Cub scouting provides a scouting experience without the stress or time commitment of boy scouting, but for younger kids. You can find out more about Cub Scout Pack 180 by going to and find out more about the pack.


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