Radio Guide

How loud does God have to speak in order for us to really hear Him? All I can say is that I think He is screaming at me! This is no joke:  last night I was listening to my radio while driving along to a friends house. I was listening to my favorite oldies/pop/rock station. Anyhow, during a particular song that I was humming along with, all of a sudden the song stopped and it was dead air. Then, a radio minister was preaching a message that said, “When we take our eyes off of the Lord, our minds begin to suffer.  Our thoughts will be troubled and confused.  We’ll begin to think things about our friends and family that aren’t true, paranoid thoughts, craziness!”
So after that I just kind of scratched my head and thought, well isn’t that strange? Strange indeed! The next day I turned on my radio to find that the station was set to not where I set it but none other than 90.3- THE LIGHT!

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