Admin & Organization

Committees and Responsibilities:

Doing the work of the church takes many hands.  Mountain View takes this work seriously and provides many different opportunities for our members to get involved in the life of the church.
Each committee of the church has a chairperson who is responsible for the leadership of the group. 

Our current committees include:

Everyone is welcomed to serve on any of these committees; however, the chairperson of the committee must be a member of Mountain View.  All chairpersons of these committees, along with the staff members of the church, make up the governing body of the church called the Administrative Board.  Contact anyone on the Lay Leadership Committee if you are interested in serving on a committee.

Who to contact for what:

The congregation and staff of Mountain View welcome those planning to be united in marriage.  It is our prayer that your wedding will be both beautiful and meaningful.  For this purpose, these wedding guidelines are offered.  Click this link  Wedding Policy for a copy of our Wedding Guidelines.

Facility use policy
To avoid conflicts of room and equipment usage all events and activities must be scheduled through the Church Office.  A Building Use Guideline is in place.  For copies of the B.U.G. please click this link, 
Building Use Guidelines Form ,or contact the church office.  Please use God’s facilities to the fullest to further His Kingdom.

The church’s annual budget is supported entirely by offerings and donations of those attending Mountain View.  The budget is developed and executed by the Finance Committee and is available for review at any time.  The Treasurer submits monthly financial reports to the Administrative Board, which are also available for review at any time.

All tithes, pledges, and offerings are kept in strictest confidence and known only by the Financial Secretary.  All accounts maintained by the church are audited at the end of each calendar year.

  • Outreach:  General missions and outreach of the church.
  • Evangelism:  reaching out to people with the good news of Jesus Christ and welcoming them with genuine Christian hospitality.
  • Education:  Plans, organizes, and implements all of the educational ministries of the church. 
  • UMYF Adult Leadership Team:  Members of this team work together to assess the needs of our youth and provide leadership and guidance for their ministries.  
  • Finance: Responsible for our budget and overall finances.
  • Stewardship:  Pledges and contributions to the church.
  • Trustees:  Building, grounds, equipment, maintenance.
  • Worship:  Responsible for all aspects of worship services.
  • Staff Parish Relations:  Oversees church staff.
  • Lay Leadership:  Seeks and nominates persons to serve on committees.
  • Audit:  Conducts an annual audit of all church accounts.
  • Green Team:  Landscaping of the church grounds.
  • Administrative Board:  Governing body of the church.
  • Council on Ministries:  Oversee the planning and evaluation of all ministrie


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