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Is this basically a Relationship Building, a Short Term Study or a Mission/Service group? (Pick One Below)
Relationship Building
Purpose: Provide method/vehicle to build relationships with other MV members/regular attendees beyond surface.

Short Term Study Groups
Purpose: Provide subject based study opportunities with short term commitment across an assortment of subjects

Mission/Service Groups
Purpose: Provide vehicle/opportunity for people to pursue their common interests in service to others. Teach people how to use their “hobbies” to serve.

Small Group Type (required)

Relationship BuildingShort Term StudyMission/Service Group

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If there is not a completion date, when will be the next intentional period of invitation for new members?

How does this group support our Mission statement (see below)?

Mountain View is working to help God transform
Seekers into Regular Attendees by:
Individually inviting, welcoming, and connecting to a nurturing and understanding community
Regular Attendees into Worshipful Believers by:
Encouraging deeper spiritual relationships by sharing Christ and demonstrating our faith through personal actions
Worshipful Believers into Secure Disciples by:
Encouraging and mentoring Spiritual growth by providing opportunities for Bible study, small groups, prayer, and fellowship
Secure Disciples into Faithful Servants by:
Equipping for God’s work by prayerfully identifying Spiritual gifts, and providing opportunities and support for giving time, talents, and gifts with a joyful heart

Other details to keep in mind:
1. As a leader or co-leader of the proposed small group or study group you are overall responsible for the group. You will need to keep Mountain View’s Small Group coordinator apprised of the status of your small group or study group.
2. Creation of a small group or study group needs to be approved by the Pastor. Study materials used in small group studies also need to be approved by the Pastor.
3. All small groups and study groups are expected to be self funded unless other arrangements have been made through the church budgeting process.
a. Try to get a good estimate of group participants before ordering materials or supplies and ensure that group participants are aware of what their costs will be.
b. If ordering materials or supplies through the church secretary and church credit card discuss with Mountain View’s Small Group Coordinator whether or not a designated account should be setup with the church treasurer.
c. Study materials and supplies may be ordered through the church secretary but all costs (including shipping, small group leader and participant materials whether used or not used) must be reimbursed back to the church.
i. Unused books and materials can generally be returned to the vendor within 30 days resulting in a refund for materials returned but not used. However, shipping costs for those returned materials will be applied.
ii. Reimbursement to the church for all ordered materials and supplies should be made within two weeks of the small group start date.
d. Maintain the small group’s record of costs, payments from participants and reimbursements made to the church for comparison with the treasurer’s records so we can ensure no unauthorized financial obligation on the church is created.
Coordinate with Mountain View’s Small Group Coordinator if questions or need for guidance arises.

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