The Magic Number

Last week I delivered the Christmas stockings sewn by the Flamingos (our Ladies group at MVUMC) to the local State Farm Insurance agent, who along with other local agents will be “stuffing” them to send to our troops overseas for this Christmas.  The agent had amassed 55 stockings thus far, and asked me how many I had to donate. When I told her I was giving her 80 stockings, her mouth dropped and her eyes grew large. She asked again, and again I replied 80. She was very happy with the number, but what really astounded her was the fact that a “unit” (maybe not accurate military term) comprised of 135 soldiers, 55 + 80 = 135, the exact number needed. Of course, she’s still collecting until shipping them in October and will combine with the other area agents, but we both thought this was a terrific God Sighting.

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