Twinkling Lights

I’m sitting in our living room this evening looking at the windows facing¬† the mountain and I see the reflection of the twinkling lights on our Christmas Tree. This tree was decorated this year by three extraordinary women, who, in spite of health concerns of their own, insisted on spending their evening putting up fifty twinkling lights, one hundred balls and over twenty individual decorations on a seven and one-half foot Frazer fir tree just so that our family could enjoy our family tradition this Christmas.

What I really see in the window reflection is so much love that these special women have bestowed on me and my family.  With each twinkling light, I feel such love and caring that only God could bring to me through the love and caring of these ladies. It has taught me to overcome any doubts that God is always watching over me and my family despite some adversities or maybe because of some adversities that we have recently experienced.
This is truly a God-Sighting.

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