Our Vision Statement

  • Mountain View United Methodist Church is small enough to know you, but big enough to accomplish great works for Jesus Christ.
  • We are a multi-generational family. 
  • We rely on and teach the wisdom that God has shared with his people over thousands of years,  yet we provide worship services and fellowship activities that address the needs of the 21st century.
    MVUMC is a rock in the greater Forest area and in our society. 
  • We are passionate about the youth in our community.  We volunteer our time and give of our other resources to insure that they know Jesus Christ and that they learn the joy of serving Him and their fellow man.
  • We treasure our elders, providing opportunities to live their faith and share their counsel; we insure that they are cared for as they need assistance caring for themselves.
  • We nurture young families.  We provide mentoring for parents and Christian education for their children.  We create fellowship activities especially for these families that allow them to quickly assimilate into our congregation. 
  • We help every member (new and old) find a place in our congregation including a small group.  We look for small tasks for the hesitant and provide these individuals with structure and support.  We provide more significant roles for the willing, continuing to train and support their growth; we teach how to serve.  We trust the dedicated to run with major programs, continuing to support and allowing them to try new approaches.  Each year we provide rotation to allow individuals rest from old responsibilities and rejuvenation with new ones.
  • We are passionate about missions and are working to make it a primary focus of our church.

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