Whats Happening Sunday Mornings

Whats Happening on Sundays
What’s Happening on Sunday Mornings!!!!

There are a lot of exciting things happening on Sunday mornings.    Come and See!
Starting March 5th at 9am

K-2nd grade and 3rd-5th grade classes will be exploring the Super Heroes of the Bible.
Most kids love to imitate Superheroes or to at least watch their cartoons.
This curriculum teaches the children in a fun and active way that there are superheroes in the Bible.
Come and learn more about how David, Joshua, Elijah, and Moses just to name a few, were true super heroes.

Youth Serendipity– Pastor Steve does a wonderful job of giving the sermons.  But would you like to dive into the scripture that he is using a little bit more?
The youth will be doing just that.  They will be looking at the scripture text for the sermon that day and having a discussion on that text.
This youth led small group will sure be a great discussion of the morning.

Christianity and Islam by Ronn Kerr is a unique new study for a unique time. Sessions cover major areas of the world’s two largest religions,
comparing and contrasting them in a way that brings greater understanding of each. Written for Christian adults and older youth
that have little knowledge of Islam other than what they have seen in the news, this study aims at providing a general understanding
of the differences and similarities between these two great religions. This will be facilitated by Pastor Steve.

Sojourners – The Sojourner’s Class is finishing up Daniel, Ch. 11 & 12; and then will conclude with the Study of Matthew 24,
which has been called the most Prophetic Work in the Bible. This will start March 12th. Facilitator: Penny Waldmann
Powersource “The Surprising Way to a Stronger Marriage” by Dr. Michael and Amy Smalley is a 5-week study that includes a short video introduction to each week’s workbook lesson.
“The most significant act of love we can do for our spouse is the single act of personal responsibility.
You will never reach happiness in your relationship until you first look at yourself and address what you can do differently.
Personal responsibility is the fuel that drives the actions of a healthy marriage.” Facilitator Barbara Crowder
Children’s Church during worship will be discussing and learning more about the sermon that day in a way that the children can understand.
Lots of fun for all children!
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