Whats Happening Sunday Mornings

Whats Happening on Sundays
What’s Happening on Sunday Mornings!!!!
There are a lot of exciting things happening on Sunday mornings. Come and See! Starting April 23rd at 9am

K-2nd grade and 3rd -5th grade classes will continue to explore the Super Heroes of the Bible. Most kids love to imitate Superheroes or to at least watch their cartoons. This curriculum teaches the children in a fun and active way that there are superheroes in the Bible. Come and learn more about how David, Joshua, Elijah, and Moses just to name a few, were true super heroes.

 Youth Serendipity Julia, one of our own youth, will be diving into the scripture you will hear from Pastor Steve that morning.  Come and show your support for Julia as she is led to provide deeper discussion for our Youth (grades 6-12).

 Christianity and Islam, part 2: Christianity and Islam by Ronn Kerr is a unique new study for a unique time. If you were unable to attend part 1 there is no problem coming and being a part of the discussion for part 2.   Part 2 of the class Christianity and Islam will run through June 4th.  We will continue to explore and reaffirm our foundational Christian beliefs relative to many differing fundamental beliefs held in Islam.  Part 2 will allow us to discuss such topics as:  The Bible and the Quran, Primary Theological Beliefs, Violence and Warfare and the Culture and the role of Women.  The intent of the class is to obtain an understanding of what Muslims believe, socially and religiously, so that we may be prepared to witness our faith, Christ crucified and raised, to Muslims should the opportunity occur.  This is facilitated by Pastor Steve & Chuck Reynolds.

 Sojourners The Sojourner’s Class is finishing up Daniel, Chapter 12; and then will conclude with the Study of Matthew 24, which has been called the most Prophetic Work in the Bible. Facilitator: Penny Waldmann

Powersource  Getting Connected – through increasingly deeper conversations and sharing life stories, participants will build relationships with others in Mountain View, learn more about themselves and explore where and how to grow their relationship with God.  Join Barbara Crowder in the Sub30 room for this 6 week session.

Children’s Church during worship will be discussing and learning more about the sermon that day in a way that the children can understand. Lots of fun for all children!  We are in need of facilitators – please see Sherry Parrish.  Teaching kits are provided with all the needed materials.

In the works….HOPE (Helping Others Prepare for Emergencies)

In the event of a natural disaster, other than emergency services, where do people turn for help? The church is usually one of the first places, but if we don’t have the knowledge, skills and equipment to help ourselves and our families in these events how can we provide that service to our community? This 8 week program will help provide the basis for that knowledge and skills to help the Mountain View Family not only take care of each other but also hopefully provide a core team of members to get a shelter operation here at the church off the ground. The study will concentrate on preparing for short term events (effects lasting a week or less before getting back to normal). We will look at supplies to have on hand, simple changes we can make to our daily habits and skills necessary to make things “easier” in these events. We will also discuss what it will take to get a church shelter off the ground. In our devotionals we will see what the Bible has to say about being prepared and why it applies to today’s Christians more than ever and yes, Noah was the first “prepper”.  If you are interested, please let Church Office know (434)-525-6612, so we can plan this small group for a time that is convenient for you!

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